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The Ronstadt-Hendrix-TTG Connection
The Sunset-Highland Studios of TTG
1441 North McCadden Place Hollywood, CA

were not known as the best sounding rooms in L.A., but by October 1968 they were the
first studio anywhere to have 2-inch 16-track recording machines. This was an amazing
breakthrough in technology at the time...doubling the capacity of the standard 8-track recorders.
This also meant that artists that started a project there, couldn't finish it anywhere else
(without starting over from scratch) because the tapes wouldn't work in any other machines.

Tom Hidley and Ami Hadani (The "Two Terrible Guys" of TTG)  had previously worked
for A&R Studios in New York before opening TTG in 1965. Linda Ronstadt's first solo
album, Hand Sown...Home Grown was recorded there in October 1968...and during that
same month, Jimi Hendrix also recorded there. Click the Hendrix image below to load the
"Plug Your Ears" site, then scroll down the page until the dates reach October 1968
to get an idea of what he recorded there...

When you stop and think that Clarence White was recording on Linda's record at the same time
that Hendrix was recording in the same studio, it really is an extraordinary event to have the
founders of two very different, but equally revolutionary guitar styles that close to each other.

Besides Linda and Jimi, many other artists recorded at TTG including Frank Zappa,
The Doors, Lowell George, The Monkees and Eric Burdon. The name, Sunset-Highland Studios
comes from the fact that the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave. is just around the
corner. Some people just called it Sunset Studios, but that causes confusion with Sunset Sound.
Linda recorded at both. Here's a shot of the building looking westward:

A closer view of the building today. A photo agency has been there since 1980:

Musicians' Entrance:

Below is a photo of Jimi inside TTG Studios October 1968:

In addition to the material Jimi recorded for himself at TTG from October 12 - 29,
as documented on the "Plug Your Ears" site, ...earlier in the month he produced and
played on Sunrise by Eire Apparent as documented on Robert Wyatt's page which
shows he recorded with Jimi at TTG on 3 October 1968 on the Sunrise album.

Below are photos of Jimi at TTG producing Eire Apparent's album:

Not too long ago Bob Warford (Linda's guitarist in the early 70s...and former bandmate with
Clarence White) posted on a music forum, " one point when he [Clarence] and I had sat
in together in Palmdale with Gib Guilbeau, and played almost frighteningly similar to
one another, we talked of rock guitar influences - he was paying a lot of attention to
Jimi Hendrix, and I was listening a lot more to Eric Clapton."